Want to learn more about urban wildlife?

Below are selected interviews and talks focused on urban wildlife ecology, tips for coexisting with urban wildlife, and answers to frequently asked questions about urban wildlife.


New Mexico PBS "Our Land"
December 12, 2021

Sky Island Alliance Seminar Series
November 4, 2021

Desert Museum "Sips With Scientists"
March 3, 2021

Curious about coyotes?

Read about coyote behavior and how to live alongside these critters while keeping us, our pets, and them as safe as possible.

Local information and resources for Albuquerque

Below are resources from the City of Albuquerque on urban wildlife, including how to respond to common wildlife and how to haze coyotes. Much of this information is applicable to other cities as well!

Educational posters

Looking for a way to display information about urban coyotes in your classroom or workplace? @cactusquollcreations and I teamed up to design a poster with facts about urban coyote history, behavior, and ecology! You can order this poster here.